Jack Shepherd

Jack Shepherd


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About Jack Shepherd

A Jack Shepherds comedy careers begin in a 1989 middle school talent show, dressed in an all black leather outfit like is idol Eddie Murphy, he did a 2 min comedy set and won first place, Jack was hooked. His comedy is a blend of pop culture and every day observations and family life. He works both mainstream and urban, spend most of his teenage years doing shows at the local Funnybone. Jack's next stop was television, while still in high school he was showcased on B.E.T's COMIC VIEW some time late he was on the Apollo comedy hour, he would appear on Comic view three more times before being booked on HBOs DEF COMEDY JAM he started acting in four different independent films, writing, producing and starring, now with 8 Television shows and for films finished Jack has never lost his love for the stage and entertaining a live audience.

Kool aid for sale written and directed and filmed by Jack Shepherd

Jack shepherds stand up comedy